Top Reasons High-Volume, Low-Pressure Spray Guns are Popular in Automotive Shops

The key to successful and quality automotive spray painting is good preparation, which includes the correct equipment choice. Notably, spray painting equipment varies significantly, thanks to advancements in technology and equipment design. One particular tool popular with professional spray painters is the high-volume low pressure (HVLP) spray painting gun. Read on if you are curious about what gives HVLP spray painting guns an edge over the rest.

Transfer Efficiency — Perhaps the one thing experienced spray painters love about HVLP spray painting guns is the high transfer efficiency. Notably, transfer efficiency in automotive spray painting refers to the amount of atomised paint that leaves a spray gun nozzle and sticks to a car panel. Older models of spray paint guns have a low transfer efficiency because most of the atomised paint does not stick to a car's panels, hence leading to wastage. Thus, it is better to use the spray guns in controlled conditions to prevent excessive wastage. On the other hand, HVLP spray paint guns have a high transfer efficiency since more than 60%-80% of the sprayed paint lands and adheres to a car panel. Thus, it has helped automotive spray painters reduce wastage significantly.

Sprays Most Materials — Decades ago, car bodies were made of sturdy steel frames, allowing them to survive accidents that modern cars would not. However, car manufacturers have incorporated other materials, such as plastics and rubber, over the years. The information is vital because older versions of spray paint equipment were only effective on metals. As rubber and plastic became common in the manufacture of cars, the tools could not cope. HVLP spray paint guns are the exact opposite because they can be used on most materials, including plastics and rubber. Therefore, HVLP spray painting guns allow automotive painters to only use a single tool instead of using different spray painting techniques and tools on one vehicle.

Exceptional for Base and Clear Coats — Professional automotive spray painters are unanimous that HVLP spray painting guns are an excellent choice for base coats due to their greater transfer efficiency. Therefore, does it mean that an HVLP spray gun is not the right choice for clear coats? Absolutely not because an HVLP spray gun is just as good with clear coats as base coats. The ability stems from the fact that HVLP spray guns accommodate different paints of varying viscosity levels. Moreover, HVLP spray guns are easy to clean; therefore, using the same equipment for base paints and clear coats should not be a problem. Ultimately, using the same spray guns for the base and clear coat saves time and resources.

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