Smash Repair Questions That Motorists Commonly Ignore

No one likes to be involved in a car accident. Fortunately, you can easily find reputable smash repair shops to restore your vehicle. Notably, part of selecting the right service provider for the job entails asking pertinent questions about smash repairs. Unfortunately, most motorists only delve into the generic queries such as experience, licence, cost, warranty, and duration of repairs. While such questions are still important in your quest to find a professional smash repairer, you need to consider other aspects. This article highlights questions that motorists do not bother to ask regarding smash repairs. Read on.

Can I Choose a Panel Beater? 

When a motorist buys an accident policy, the last thing on their mind is to establish whether an insurance company deals with specific smash repair providers. The nature of the car insurance business means that insurers often interact and work with smash repair shops. However, some insurers include a clause in their policy stating whether clients can use a preferred or independent smash repair shop. If you are sure, then it should be the first question to ask an insurance provider. The last thing you want is to take your car to a smash repair shop only to find out that your insurance policy prohibits the arrangement.

Do You Offer Towing Services? 

You might not need towing services if a car accident only caused minor dents on your door or bumper. However, if your vehicle is smashed to the extent that you cannot drive it, then towing services are essential. Notably, some towing services park their trucks strategically in accident-prone spots waiting for something to happen. However, you should not engage in such services before talking to a smash repair provider. The reason is that some panel beaters offer towing services free of charge, which goes a long way in reducing the overall repair costs.

Do You Offer a Substitute Vehicle? 

It is perhaps the one question that the majority of motorists do not remember to ask. It can be attributed to the fact that very few smash repair shops offer the package. However, you should not hesitate to inquire if you exclusively rely on your car for commuting. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that some reputable and established smash repair providers do not charge clients for a substitute vehicle. It is mainly the case if smash repairs are not expected to take long.

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