4 Types of Damage That You Should Be Fixed by a Panel Beater

Panel beaters have specialised skills that general mechanics do not have. Therefore, if your vehicle has been involved in an accident, you will need to have it repaired by a general mechanic and a panel beater. 

Generally, panel beaters specialise in fixing bodywork damage, such as dent removal. If you are wondering types of damage these professionals handle, continue reading:

1. Dents and Scratches 

When your vehicle is on the road, it is bound to get scratches and dents. Minor imperfections may not affect the vehicle's appearance. However, if these dents become widespread, you might need to change the damaged panel. In this situation, panel beating is necessary. 

Panel beaters repair the dents on the body and restore it to its original shape and appearance. Therefore, if your car has been involved in an accident and has acquired extensive dents and scratches, you should have it fixed by a panel beater. 

2. Damaged Panels 

A vehicle's panel gets easily damaged during an accident. When the damages are minimal, the expert can repair the panel, but they might need to replace it with a new one when it's significantly damaged. To replace the panel, these professionals can either bolt or weld it onto your vehicle. However, these techniques require a lot of skill. Therefore, if your vehicle's panels are damaged, have a panel beater assess the damage so that they can recommend whether to repair or replace the panel entirely. 

3. Misalignment of the Chassis 

When a vehicle has been involved in an accident, it gets damaged because of the impact of the collision. If there is an enormous impact, the car's chassis may be forced out of its original place, leading to alignment issues. Driving a vehicle whose chassis is misaligned is very risky because it can lose its stability. 

Panel beaters align a vehicle's chassis back to its original position. Therefore, to ensure that you restore your car's functionality after an accident, make sure you hire a panel beater to align its chassis. 

4. Chipped Paint on the Panel 

When your vehicle gets into an accident, there is a high likelihood that the panel's paint is chipped. Panel beaters are also excellent spray painters. They will restore your vehicle's original colour or change the colour entirely based on your instructions. 

As seen, panel beaters can help repair many collision damages. Therefore, if your car has been involved in an accident, visit a panel beating expert to restore its bodywork.

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