3 Ways A Car's Age Affects Panel Beating Costs

Automobile accidents can be devastating, especially if fatalities are involved. However, if everybody comes out of a wreck unscathed, you only have to worry about getting the car back to its pristine condition. Thus, finding reputable and professional panel beating services is critical. That said, panel beating costs money, and the amount a panel beater charges depends on various factors, such as the extent of damage, make, and model of a car. However, did you know that your car's age also plays a vital role in determining panel beating costs? Read on to find out how. 

Availability of Genuine Parts

When a panel beater first accesses a crashed car, they inquire about its age. The information is critical because it determines whether they can find the right car parts to replace damaged components. Notably, parts of newer car models are not hard to come by, and a panel beater can order directly from the manufacturer or a local dealer. However, your car needs new genuine parts, which increases the cost of panel beating services. In contrast, if your car is old and the manufacturer has discontinued the model, you might have to settle for second-hand parts. Second-hand components might be the only ones available for discontinued car models, lowering panel beating costs.      

Paint Quality

A reputable panel beater's primary objective is to restore a client's vehicle to its pre-accident condition, including the paint job. New and relatively new cars require high-quality paintwork to restore their look. As such, a panel beater must only use high-quality paint that resembles the original shade. Additionally, only a skilled painter should work on newer cars to prevent mishaps, reflecting poorly on a service provider. Therefore, a panel beater will charge more for newer cars, considering they will be using high-quality paint. Conversely, panel beaters charge relatively low prices for older cars. It makes no financial sense to use high-quality paint on an old car that has undergone numerous body repairs over the years. 

Resale Value

Newer cars have a higher resale value than older vehicles. Therefore, a new car owner must be cautious when engaging in panel beating services. For example, if a sideswipe incident leaves your new vehicle with structural issues, a panel beater must use costly procedures and materials to restore its resale value. However, it makes panel beating services expensive. However, old car owners do not have to worry too much about resale value. Thus, they can settle for panel beating services that restore a car's structure but not necessarily its resale value. Admittedly, the level of panel beating costs less. 

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