Top Attributes of a Panel Beater

Car accidents happen when you least expect, and they can leave you grounded for weeks or even months as you try to find the best repair service. Therefore, it is essential to have a good panel beater to assist with minor or major car dents. This article highlights essential attributes to look for in a panel beater.

Use of Specialised Panel Beating Tools

Auto shops use different tools to beat damaged car bodies back into their original forms. Some of the most common panel beating tools include mallets, shrinking hammers, dollies and dead-blow hammers. Notably, these tools are effective for correcting deep angular dents on less luxurious vehicles. However, what if you own a luxury car and want to maintain its colour and subtle curves? Dent pullers are the most appropriate devices for delicate body works as opposed to conventional tools because they do not require any surface preparation or invasive deformation. Additionally, dent pullers preserve a vehicle's original paint job. Therefore, you are better off with a panel beater with an array of tools for different panel-beating projects.

Partnership With Car Rental Companies

Panel beating can take a bit of time depending on the extent of the damage. Therefore, a panel beater must provide a time frame for repairs so that clients are aware of how long they have to wait. Ideally, a good panel beater should offer alternative means of transport to car owners, especially for vehicles with short wait times. For this reason, look for a panel beater who partners with a car rental service provider. It ensures that you can still move around as you wait for your vehicle to be repaired for minor dents. Besides, a collaboration between a panel beater and a car rental company guarantees subsidised rental rates for customers. The service can also be extended to customers facing significant wait times, although the cost of the add-on service might be prohibitive.

Quality Body Finish 

You can judge a panel beater's craft based on the quality of finishing they give a vehicle. Paintwork should be glossy, and there should be no signs of depressions where dents were located. Some panel beaters do car finishing in-house, while others specialise in bodywork and then sub-contract the finishing and paint job. Whichever is the case, ensure that the quality of body finish is just as good as the panel beating.     

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