Car Painting: The Dos and Don'ts for a Car Owner

Everyone loves perfection, especially when it comes to the looks of their car. Your bumper should be in top-notch shape, the lights' lenses should be free of fade and the paintwork needs to be free of any blemish. Sadly, regular use of your vehicle exposes its body to many elements that can damage it. Some of these elements include harmful ultraviolet radiation, physical scratches and harsh chemical compounds that find their way to your vehicle's body. When this happens, repainting your car helps to restore its desired look. The following piece outlines the things you should do and those you should avoid doing after repainting your vehicle:

The Dos:

Parking the car in a garage – It is judicious to park your car in a garage after repainting it. Having it under a roof protects it from excessive heat and cold. Exposure to heat and cold can prevent the paint from settling well on the vehicle's body. Additionally, weather elements such as rain and hailstones can harm the quality of the finish if you expose your car to them. Consider getting car covers or portable awnings in case you do not have a garage.

Washing the car by hand – New paint has to harden after drying so that it can form a strong bond with the car's body. Therefore, refrain from using pressure-based washing equipment. Instead, gently wash the vehicle by hand. Additionally, you need to use mild cleaning solutions and soft sponges or pieces of cloth.

Drying the car thoroughly – Don't let water dry on the surface of the vehicle. When you're done washing, make sure that you wipe off all the water using a clean, dry cloth. Leaving droplets of water on the surface exposes your car to permanent watermarks, and you will certainly need a fresh paint job to get rid of them.

The Don'ts

Scraping off snow and ice – If snow or ice accumulates on your newly painted car, then use a soft brush or your hand to remove the excess snow. Avoid using plastic or metallic scrapers to remove the excess snow or ice.

Polishing and waxing your car – Most people like to wax and polish their cars after a thorough wash. However, that is not a good idea after repainting your vehicle. Polishes and waxes have chemical components that can react with your paint and distort its quality. Give it a few months before applying any secondary waxes or polishes.

Contact a company that offers vehicle spray painting services to learn more.

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Everyone loves perfection, especially when it comes to the looks of their car. Your bumper should be in top-notch shape, the lights' lenses should be