Finding the right repair company for your vehicle

Your car is an essential part of your daily life. You need it for picking up the shopping, dropping off the children at school and getting to work. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that puts your vehicle off the road then it's important that you are able to get your car fixed with the minimum of delay. Here are three things that you will need to look for in any company that you entrust with repairing your car.

Do they have qualified and experienced staff?

Your car is a valuable asset and you entrust your life to it every time that you get behind the wheel so all repairs must be carried out by people who know what they are doing. You must ensure that the staff all hold recognised qualifications and that they have suitable experience working on vehicles of the same make and model as yours. Since parts can vary significantly between manufacturers you must have confidence that they know how to work on parts supplied by your manufacturer.

Are they approved by your manufacturer?

A good repair centre will be approved to carry out repairs by the manufacturer so that you can be certain that all of the work which is completed is of a sufficiently high standard and guaranteed so you know that the car will be safe to drive and look great when it is returned to you.

Do they have the right facilities?

It is always worth asking for a look around their facilities before you let any company start work on your car. Look at the equipment they will be using and see if it appears to be in good condition and well maintained. It can be particularly useful to see what their painting facilities look like. A good paint shop should be clean so that there is no debris to damage the new paint being applied to your car.

A well established and reputable centre such as Shannons Approved Smash Repairs could be happy to let you look around and to answer any questions you may have. Don't let any work be done on your car until you are satisfied that you have found the right company to carry out the work. Talk to your local repair centre today and find out whether they are the best place to fix your car so you can get your car fixed as soon as possible.


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